What Is Shopify? A Complete Guide to Features and Benefits 2023

The cost of these is variable and while some assets are really important—like your logo—others are completely optional—like videos or motion graphics. But if you’d like to include them in your site, it’s best to start planning for them early. Shopify may be easier thanother website builders, but that doesn’t exactly make iteasy. Optimizing a site always takes some effort, but that goes double with ecommerce, where you have to align your sales strategies with your design choices. Even if you’ve built a Shopify website before, you may have missed some opportunities you never knew existed. If you’re on a really tight budget, you can pay for Shopify Starter for only $5 a month.

What Is Shopify & How Does It Work (2023 Guide)

Plus, it’s a fully hosted ecommerce solution, which means Shopify merchants do not have to worry about hosting their own website. Shopify pricing post has more information on the different plans and features available. Click on “Online Store”, and choose “Preferences” to find more site settings. Here, you can set the homepage title and meta description, which is the text that will appear on search engines describing your website.

Add more features and functionality to your online store with apps built by trusted Shopify developers. Sales are jumping thanks to a rising pool of customers, who are increasingly opting to sign up for additional business solutions. “We’re not just shipping products faster,” President Harley Finkelstein told investors in early August, “but we are also expanding our global merchant base.” That’s where Shopify’s suite of payments solutions comes in. Each product is purpose-built to help overcome these obstacles and unlock opportunities for seamless payment handling, improved customer experiences, and enhanced security. Facebook ads are a powerful marketing tool that should be used by all ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Thinking of selling online courses, services or e-tickets to special events and attractions? You can do it all—or any combination of the above—with Shopify. Keep all of these business options in mind as you brainstorm ideas. Yes, Shopify’s account setup wizard leads you through every step so you can be selling within minutes. The online store builder is very user-friendly, and you can even find products to sell through Shopify dropship vendors and its Handshake wholesale marketplace. Shopify’s POS feature enables in-person sales for mobile pop-up shops, market selling, services and even multiple retail store locations.

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However, there are premium themes and apps that tend to run up your bill, if you need them. The more advanced Shopify apps could add hundreds of dollars to your monthly bill. Overall, Shopify apps help you improve automation and store management from any location.

We’re always improving our platform, and investing in open source tools like Hydrogen and Remix for building storefronts. Shopify’s platform provides APIs, SDKs, primitives, and tools for building storefronts, custom cart and checkout flows, and seamless integrations with your systems. This plan is ideal for fast-growing businesses with at least a few employees. Choose this plan if you’re looking for more advanced features suited to an established business. If you use a third-party payment gateway, Shopify will charge you an additional 2% on the Basic Shopify plan and 1% extra on Shopify’s main plan. Alright, now let’s get our hands dirty and run through how to use Shopify themes to customize your site’s appearance. You’ll also see “Settings” at the bottom of the left sidebar.

You receive most features provided by Shopify in the free trial. However, you won’t be able to process payments or let people come to your site without a password unless you select a payment plan. We recommend testing out the design features and getting most of the structure of your site in place before paying for the product.

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Shopify is in the middle of a transformation project that’s already starting to boost efficiency and cash generation. It has exited the expensive logistics business, helping cash flow land in positive territory for three consecutive quarters through mid-2023. This success points to improving profits over the coming years. Investors have responded to this good news by sending Shopify stock up by over 90% at one point in 2023. Shares have come down since then as fears rose about a recession on the way.

What’s different about ergo versus your typical market is that there is no back-and-forth. Using that information, the retailer makes a decision on whether to accept or reject the offer. Negotiating the price of goods is a way of life at some in-person markets, but you don’t often get to do it when online shopping. Give your customers the option to buy now, knowing they can pay in 4 equal payments, interest-free. Make payments, check your Shop Cash balance, and check out at millions of stores with Shop Pay. Shop Pay is Shopify’s one-tap accelerated checkout that enables shoppers to speed through every purchase with their saved shipping and billing information.