Top Five Colognes For Men

As the holiday season gets ever closer to you, may be thinking about what to give the man you love that you have in your lives. In the case of Cologne There are too many scents and brands to pick from, it’s difficult to figure out where to start. To help you narrow down the decision-making process We’ve narrowed down what we believe to be the top five fragrances for males. This is a random selection based on my personal preferences and what I’ve observed time last year while working in the business of perfume and cologne best summer colognes for men.

  1. CK One Summer Cologne: This is a great scent for men who have a little edge, or the kind of person who seeks the thrill of adventure.It’s got a hint various grapefruit, pineapple, tangerine frangipani, ocean breeze, as well as palm sap. The different scents, though diverse, mix perfectly. You can pick your man a perfume or a body wash. The bottle will last all year long and is worth the price of $42.00.
  2. The Burberry touch: This enchanting fragrance concoction is the result of the combination of violet leaves Artemisia mandarin tree leaves. This creates a type of musky scent that is woody and is particularly uplifting.It is the top selling scent during the summer months due to its unique and subtle scent. This cologne for men’s retail price is $53.00 per bottle.
  3. Hugo is a brand owned by Hugo Boss: No one sells their goods better then Hugo Boss.They are a magnet for those who enjoy being cool and elegant. The refreshing and fresh scent has earned it a place with the trendy crowd. It’s the kind of scent you either like or dislike. If that’s your man’s preference, then absolutely go for Hugo Boss. For $46.00 you can get the scent of a sophisticated man.
  4. Clean Men: When compared to other brands that are loved by many it is new to the marketplace.The name, however, is a clear indication of what it’s about. There are no hassles or frills simply a manly scent for men who wants to look as if he’s stepped off the bath. The largest bottle can be purchased at $69.00 and is worth every dollar.
  5. Cool Water: The item from Davidoff is loved by many.The scent has notes of tones like jasmine, lavender and sandalwood. And obviously musk. If you’re looking for the most loved classic scent of perfume for men it definitely is the best. The biggest bottle of the scent is available at $59.00 and is definitely worth keeping.

While certain brands are available at high price, the Christmas season allows you to purchase these colognes for men at affordable prices and at incredible discounts. Check out online stores for these top brands that are sold at just a tiny fraction of retail. Anywhere you can get it, give him an excuse to smile this holiday season. He’ll not only look good and be a pleasure to have close to you while you soak pleasure in the wonderful aromas of the season’s spices.