Top Five Birthday Presents Most Likely To Go to A Landfill

Gifts for birthdays should be meaningful and useful. Some of us are gifted gift buyers while others struggle. Most people don’t get it right every time. If this happens, the gift ends-up in someone’s drawer, regifted, or in a trashcan. Though they can be enjoyable gifts, useless gifts don’t have any real purpose. They are also not useful and they lose their appeal. Instead of giving these top five gifts, look for green birthday gifts. They are more useful and can make a positive difference in the world birthday gift.

Plastic toys are usually the first choice of birthday gifts for kids. Many end up in the bin or in landfills. There are some toys that will hold the attention of children for a longer time. However, most do not. They are usually thrown away after a few months. Give thought to this gift if you’re buying it for someone. Better still, consider green birthday gifts like wooden toys. These toys can last for many years and then biodegrade in the landfill. Wood toys like blocks are durable and can be used over years.

Also, make-up, bodywash, and other personal hygiene gifts are some of the top five birthday gift ideas that are most likely end up in a dumpster. These sets are problematic because they can contain too many items and little is actually used. Preservatives and other chemical additions are common in these sets. They take a long time to degrade, if at all. Instead, you should choose an all natural product to give and get one thing. These items can be made by people using only natural ingredients. These green birthday gift ideas are more likely for use, more likely not to end up in the trash, and are less likely o cause damage to the environment.

Clothes are the third most likely birthday gift to end in a landfill. Because people are picky about what clothing they wear, this is a wasteful practice. Most clothing items are thrown out after they have been worn, unused and discarded. You should instead consider green birthday gifts such as gift vouchers to a favorite shop so they can choose their own items.

Top five birthday gifts that get thrown out are stuffed animals. They are undoubtedly adorable and people love them. However, they don’t last very long. You can keep something that is sentimental, but it’s unlikely they will keep it. Consider using recycled materials to create wall art as green birthday presents. These will be more likely to get hung or passed along if someone doesn’t like them.

Books would be the least wasteful of the top five birthday gifts. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, books that are not enjoyed by someone are likely to be recycled sooner than you think. Instead, consider the more ethical option. If you feel the book is appropriate, then it is a good idea to purchase a greener gift for your birthday. Not only do e-books save energy and help authors who wrote them, but you can also download them to your digital book reader. These make excellent green gifts for anyone who is a avid reader and has a forthcoming birthday.