TMJ Disorders: How I Finally Managed My TMJ Symptoms

Fractured jaw treatment will depend on the severity of your case. If you have a minor fracture or a clean break, your treatment might include wrapping a bandage around your head to support your jaw and prevent it from opening too wide. Your physician might also recommend over-the-counter pain medications to assist with the pain and swelling. Talk to your dentist or doctor if you have jaw pain or tension that affects your life or doesn’t improve with time. These home remedies can be considered a first-line defense against jaw pain, soreness, and tension. If they aren’t effective, it may be time to consult your dentist or doctor. If jaw tension arises due to anxiety, healthcare professionals may recommend taking steps to deal with anxiety as the first line of treatment.

How to relieve TMJ pain

Significant relief can be achieved through the stimulation of key points on the jaw, face, and cheek tissues. This, in turn, will improve the muscles’ function and release tension.

Botox can help to relax the muscles in your jaw and relieve any stress on your TMJ. Your doctor will inject Botox directly into your jaw muscles, which will cause them to loosen . Your doctor will start by gently examining your jaw area to determine how severe your condition is. They may also order X-rays of your jaw to get a better idea of the damage or misalignment of your jaw bone. Ideally, they’ll be able to diagnose the cause of your TMJ and treat it accordingly. Only open it to a point where you feel no stress or strain.

Why Does My Jaw Feel Tight?

The pharyngeal jaws, so-called because they are positioned within the pharynx, are used to further process the food and move it from the mouth to the stomach. A jawbone can deteriorate for many reasons, the most common being tooth loss, gum disease, and trauma. You must see a dentist immediately if you are experiencing any symptoms of jaw bone deterioration. “There has been a lot of evidence connecting sleep apnea, nocturnal bruxism and chronic jaw pain,” Dr. Ratner says. “Some studies have pointed to the brain’s desire to keep you breathing at all costs to explain the nighttime clenching/grinding that leads to chronic jaw pain.”

Jaw Wiring – Positioning and Offering Support to the Jaw

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Depending on your personal case, your doctor may recommend an orthotic to protect the teeth or relieve pressure on the joint and surrounding muscles. Medications that have been shown to be helpful in TMJ patients, including muscle relaxants , certain seizure medications, and even antidepressants, may also be prescribed. My first symptom—a swollen, achy neck—could’ve been anything. But as spring bloomed into summer, stranger things cropped up. And, far worse than a tension headache, it felt as if a power drill were chiseling away at my temples. I was used to frequent headaches, but this slew of symptoms felt like something else. A jaw implant is a sculpted piece of rigid material that’s surgically inserted under the skin to augment the contour of the jawline.

In other cases, lasting relief may require professional treatment. If you are in severe pain or have symptoms of tetanus, see a doctor as soon as possible. Maintaining good posture and mobility in your neck, back, and shoulders may help relieve jaw tightness. If you spend ample time sitting down looking at a screen, you may have rounded shoulders and a forward-arched neck.

RA usually affects the joints symmetrically, so people may notice the symptoms on both sides of the jaw. Find some time to relax after stressful periods, stretch your body if you feel stiff, and prioritize a good night’s sleep. It could even be biological in the form of an underlying condition, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune disorders that directly impact the joints. He also recommends that patients sleep on their back during the first weeks to avoid “shearing” of the tissues against the implant. “We all like to lie on our face and side, but this may aggravate the initial healing and strain the incision site,” he says. Jaw implant surgery is considered safe when it’s done by an accredited, board-certified surgeon, but it does come with risks and potential side effects. Your mouth opening will also be stiff for a few weeks, so you’ll be consuming only liquids and soft foods during this time.

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As we’ve already said, teeth alignment is important in having even and aligned jaws. A crooked jaw is sometimes a result of the teeth not allowing the jaws to settle correctly.