The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Hip Hop

I don’t forget waking up excited as hell back in ninety four due to the fact I knew i used to be gonna devour breakfast and pa in my “Ready to Die” tape or my “36 Chambers” and just wander away. To me those were days whilst Hip Hop music was at its height. Albums had substance and storyline. The artists, although typically exaggerated for advertising purposes, had actual existence stories to tell. These tales had been  mixtape downloads bright and drew you into their global. I turned into inspired. It changed into the time once I said to myself “forestall playin around with those rhymes and take this critically”.

Even then, all the way in little Barbados (you might imagine we are detached and out of the way but we’re very developed and up to date with everything, and had been for some time) I became endorsed by using the energy and spirit of Hip Hop to need to be something larger than existence. I turned into inspired to look past what my society mapped out as a everyday route to observe. It showed for me that my innovative spirit could not be extinguished. From then till now track has been my best electricity (and at times my best weak point).

Now Hip Hop to me has become a shadow of its former self. Not to discredit the progress made in phrases of business success and pop culture acceptance of course. However, some thing is lacking and I’m no longer positive what it is. I’m no longer even positive if it is simply that I’m from a particular technology and as such I’m just a bit proof against exchange. Still it weighs on me on occasion. Seems now like there may be much less originality and extra tendency to follow an generic sample. A lot of MCs accessible sound the same. Everyone wants to be Hov, Drake or Wayne. Where are the ones who could dare to stand out? The Busta Rhymes’,the ODBs, the De La Souls and Tribe Called Quests? Seems to me like its a conflict. Style vs Substance and style is winning. To the detriment of a subculture possibly? Where is the mainstream love for the alternative tenets of Hip hop subculture? Instead of the wholesale exploitation of stunning black ladies in videos, how about showcasing the talent of Graffiti writers?

It is proper that every one things have to alternate and evolve however the energies we use to create our realities ought to not be tainted and degraded in the call of so referred to as progress. Let those who deliver real portions of their very own truths to the game consistently be continually blessed and allow folks that do not learn how to recognize themselves and their position.


Stewart ‘Strat’ Carter aka Mr. Strategy is Barbados’ leading hip hop producer. Being from a completely musical own family, his musical training jumped off from an early age. From as early as eight years old younger Mr. Carter become writing raps, chants (dancehall) and kaiso lyrics. Since then he has emerged right into a especially professional song manufacturer, author and scholar, who owns a Masters in Financial and Business Economics.