Slate Roof Repair Overview

If you’re looking for the beauty and durability of roofing it’s hard to do anything better than slate. A slate roof that is well-constructed can last for a period of more than of 100 years. However, the individual tiles may become damaged or cracked during the time.

Similar to any roofing material, any kind of damage could mean that the elements could begin to penetrate your home. Repair costs can quickly begin to mount up If left unattended, therefore it’s best to have repairs to your slate roofing completed promptly to avoid problems that escalate.

It is recommended to contact a roofing expert for any repairs since it is a risky work. It is additionally the chance of doing more harm than the original damage in the event of any type of error in the repair.

The initial step in the procedure is clearing the roof of any obstructions that might hinder the process of repair. It could be snow or ice or any type of growth that might have taken root there. After the area is completely cleared of debris can slate roof repair work begin Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia.

If you’ve broken a tile, you’ll find pieces of tile and the nails which held it in place are left in the ceiling. You’ll need the slate ripping tool to the spot that it is. The hooks on the tool can be utilized to pull out and catch any nails created by the fractured tile.

It is possible use a hammer in order to put the hooks in position so that they can either take them off or cut them off, which allows you to put in to the tile.

The new slate must be of the same size that the ones around it so you can compare it to the other ones to make sure it’s the correct size. If the tile damaged is not completely damaged it can be used as a model before using the slate cutter to cut the slate to appropriate dimensions.

It is then possible to place the new tile in it, though you may be able to feel some resistance from the slates that are overlapping. Apply some pressure to slide in the slate, then use copper nails to keep it in its place. Avoid the error of driving the nails too much because they’re used for hanging the tiles rather than to hold it flush.

The final step in the process is installing the copper slip underneath the tile. this will assist in pushing water over the nails , and then onto the exposed area of slate. The copper should generally be cut down to 5 or 4 inches in width and then slightly bent at the middle prior to when it is placed in position.

While this may not seem like a job that requires a lot of effort however, there are a lot of ways to fail. This is why it’s recommended to hire an expert to make sure that the task is carried out properly.