Shark Steam Mop – Is It the Best Steam Mop on the Market?

If you are a regular viewer of television then you’ve likely watched the Shark Steam Mop infomercial at most one or two times. The commercial claims that the steam-type mop created by Shark can scrub your floors 1000 times more efficiently than a conventional mop. Although these mop types have proved superior to the mop and bucket of the past but 1000 times better is an impressive claim. In the end, this type mop is definitely the next step in the evolution of best steam mop for laminate floors.

When the Shark Steam Mop appeared on the market, people flocked out in a flurry to purchase it. Then, the reviews about the product began to roll in. It appears that a large number of people are in love with the concept behind this device, and at a minimum an overall steam sweeper However, many were unhappy about the quality of performance offered by Shark. Many of them stated that the mop is lacking numerous features and many left negative feedback.

The most frequent complaints in Shark Steam Mop reviews are that it doesn’t have pivoting heads, it has a small tank and has a weak handle. The absence of pivoting head makes it difficult to clean furniture and toilets. Small tank size means you’ll need to stop mopping often to replenish the mop. And the thin handle is probably the biggest problem. There are not just complaints that it is flimsy and brittle, but there are many stories about it breaking. Even though Shark does offer parts for replacement but who would want to pay extra cash when a poorly-designed product is not working?

In all fairness I was able to read some good reviews about the mop designed by Shark. As far as I’m able to tell it appears to be best suited for tiles. People with hardwood and laminate frequently reported streaking, while those who have tile floors were content using the Shark.

Steam mops have many advantages over traditional mop. When you’re using steam sweepers it is not necessary to apply harsh chemicals to clean your flooring. It only uses heat and water and you’ll be saying goodbye to toxic chemicals and soaps. It also has microfiber pads which help scrub dirt, grime, and dirt off your flooring. The dirt is held within the pads’ fibers instead of spreading over the floor like a normal mop does. The pads could then be put into the washer to be cleaned prior to being reused. In general, it’s easy to use a mop that is steam-like as opposed to a conventional mop.

I would not suggest this Shark Steam Mop as the most suitable option. There are other options for those who have their heart set on buying this kind mop.