Playstation 3 Wireless Controller Types

Many people have stopped complicating cables for their electronics, by turning to wireless products. This is actually a positive thought in any case. Now even certain PlayStations are wireless, including their controllers. Take for instance the Xbox 360 wireless controller. This controller has just been revealed, it makes playing this game more interesting and uncomplicated.

These controllers are quite advanced 433 mhz remote control because the distance between them and the screen you are using is now longer compared to when they had cables. Despite the increase in distance they maintain their accuracy and the response is quite good. Their physical appearances are more attractive and their weight is a bit lighter than before weighing 281g compared to the original 363g. It has rechargeable battery that lasts you between 20 and 40 hours gaming time before you need to recharge. It can be recharged via the controller’s USB ports. For those that spend hours gaming away, this is clearly better than buying battery every time they run out.

In terms of functionality and design everyone is in agreement that its a great improvement from the original design. It is much smaller and fits into the hand comfortably. The layout of the buttons is still similar but the positioning makes them easy to access. They have even added two buttons labeled RB and LB for easier use. One oversight that was overlooked is that the controller cannot be turned off manually, you have to wait for it auto switch off.

The best Xbox 360 wireless controller products are affordable and discounted from places like, but you can also get them from other places like or maybe Compared to other similar gaming controls the Xbox 360 controller measures up. Most complaints against this item have been against its price and the price of its accessories. Some have even described it as being ridiculously expensive. The price of one ranges between $30.00 and $60.00.

They usually come in a smooth black color, but there are other colors that you can choose from. Operating these controllers is very easy, almost as similar as the ones with codes. There are only a few improvements on these products, with the best improvement being the fact that they are wireless. Any Play-station owner would like to have these controllers, because of their efficiency and simplicity. These controllers are unique, basically they help a player to move freely whilst he or she plays a game, this makes the game to seem more interesting.

There are extra equipments and products that come with the Xbox package, but the best Xbox 360 wireless controllers make the package appear to be more interesting.