How to Convert Film and VHS to Digital

Your Hi8 tapes are precious memories and it’s time to update them to new digital media. Some services may charge you per tape footage length, which may cost you even more. IMemories offers a reasonable transfer price of $14.99 per tape, plus you can download digitized footage for free.

The best practice is to use cotton or powderless nitrile gloves. Using gloves ensures the oils from your fingers won’t transfer to the film base. Gannon Burgett is a photojournalist and sports photographer.His work has appeared on Gizmodo, Digital Trends, Yahoo News, PetaPixel, and many other sites. Burn the video to a DVD using a stand-alone DVD recorder . If the film strip is roughly two pencils wide—and on a reel that looks like the kind you might see in a documentary about the Golden Age of Hollywood—it’s probably 16 mm. Each 3-inch reel contains about 50 feet of film, good for only a few minutes of action. Although Kodak released 16 mm Kodachrome film in 1935, then 8 mm film a year later, home movies didn’t really take off until the 1960s, when Kodak released Super 8.

Questions Before you Get Started?

Whatever Hi8 player models offered for sale online are refurbished units serviced by qualified technicians. Here are some Hi8 player models that would enable you to play Hi-8 tapes without a camcorder. If you want to play Hi8 tapes on an 8mm VCR, you would have to buy a Hi8 or Digital8 VCR.

Your computer needs at least one free USB-A port and software to capture played footage from the camcorder. During the research, we found one free software that may help you, VirtualDub. Ready to digitize your vhs tapes in South Florida but have a few questions?

Why Capture Video From a Camcorder to a PC

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These are the questions that people ask themselves when sending media by mail. When it comes to ordering, it is straightforward and consists of several steps that are explained in detail. For any additional questions, contact their customer support via phone or email. From our experience, if you contact them by email, you can expect an answer in a couple of hours, depending on the company. Once you have finished recording, stop the DVD recorder and then Camcorder.

Although your camcorder may have a mini USB connection, you won’t be able to copy gigabytes of footage at a fast rate. It will take some time as Mini USB is meant more for photo transfer. Before you start, double-check the working condition of your camcorder before using any method listed.

The exact timeframe depends on the specific service, their workflow, and the number of orders they are handling. If speed is a primary concern, there are services that offer rush service for an additional charge. This prioritizes your order, expediting the conversion process to deliver your conversion faster. Moreover, these services often provide a wide range of media conversions, including old photos, slides, negatives, and videotapes. This means you can conveniently preserve various types of media that tend to deteriorate over time. So, let’s dive into the different methods and possibilities for converting your Super 8 films to a digital format. The fastest and most convenient way to digitize Super 8 and 8mm films is by sending them to a professional service.