Here’s how online shoppers are finding inspiration

Some stores offer free returns, while others might deduct shipping or restocking fees. It’s crucial for customers to read and understand the return policy of an e-commerce platform before making a purchase. Embracing the myriad conveniences of online shopping is a given in our modern age, but it’s equally vital to remain vigilant and informed about potential pitfalls. As consumers, we must strike a balance between enjoying the ease of digital purchases and ensuring our data’s safety and transaction integrity. Furthermore, the landscape of e-commerce is fluid, constantly shaped by innovations and changing consumer preferences.

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For example, you might be on the lookout for a scarf in the same pattern as one of your handbags. Just snap a photo of the patterned handbag on Lens and add the query “scarf” to complete your look. Or take a photo of your favorite heels and add the query “flats” to find a more comfortable version. Half of shoppers say they often or sometimes have failed to find a specific piece of clothing or furniture online after trying to describe it with just words. And 66% of shoppers wished they could find an item in a different color or print.

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The Impact of big data analytics on E-commerce Personalization and Marketing Strategies

Nearly half (49%) said they would be more likely to shop with a brand that allows customers to make doorstep returns with no packaging or printed label required. The worldwide web was intended as a research tool, and it still is, whether you consciously think of it or not. You might be looking up the dates for a music festival and when to buy tickets, or answering a question that a friend asks, or searching for someone’s handle on social media, but whatever it is, the internet provides. Online shopping works in the same way by providing more opportunities to find products you want, you need, and ones you have never heard of. It takes less time to explore 100 stores online than it would ever take to go into each shop in a mall. Over the last year or so, you might have noticed the option to buy now and pay later via something called Klarna when shopping online for clothes, which, as you can agree, is all we fucking need.

What does the research say about online shopping and addiction?

There’s always the possibility that your account details are already available to anyone on the Dark Web. If they are, you’ll want to change your passwords and set up credit monitoring ASAP.


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Many e-commerce shops will offer you discount codes or some percentage of discount when you sign up for their newsletters or download their app. Traditional descriptions of consumer behavior depict an active search process. If a shopper is looking to buy a new T-shirt, they’ll open their browser and explore — starting with the product they’re most interested in. Under this framework, companies can interpret a lot about how a consumer sees their product based on where it appears in the search process.

Local shopkeepers who’ve relied on face-to-face interactions with customers have faced the challenge of adapting to the digital age. The rise of online shopping has shifted consumer behavior and expectations, impacting their livelihoods. Thanks to analytics software, inventory management and logistics tools, it’s easy to track your online sales. That can inform your decision about what to sell and how to improve customer relations, price your products and track delivery rates, all of which will improve efficiency and your bottom line.