Brand Protection Strategy How We Prevent Brand Abuse Globally

By doing so, it ensures your other channel partners that you’ll play fair. Let’s say customers start using your brick and mortar retailers asshowrooms for your product, ~~most often ~~because the price of that product is cheaper online. You may very quickly find your relationship with those brick and mortar retailers ending as your ecommerce sales reduce sales volume at their store.

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Branding as mass marketing took off in the 19th century, as sellers of products like flour began thinking about ways to distinguish themselves from their competitors. This is most challenging, of course, when the product is essentially identical to cheaper competitors. Brand protection and its highly specific management of intellectual property is among the most important foundations of any valuable company. The benefits go without saying and it applies to all industries. Brands that are serious about intellectual property protection must implement a holistic, company-wide reputation defense as well.

It requires continuous effort, but the reward is happy retail partners and a seamless customer experience wherever customers want to find your product. Consumers are more likely to listen to recommendations or warnings about products and services from friends than from paid spokespersons or ads. Organic word-of-mouth advertising is called social proof; it’s crucial to build social proof for your brand or company to encourage trust. Realistic online reviews build trust with e-commerce customers and help them get a feel for actual customer experiences. According to Podium’s State of Reviews report, good and bad online reviews influence 88 percent of consumers when they’re deciding whether to do business with a company. Reputation management isn’t just the responsibility of your brand reputation manager.

A brand reputation manager supports a brand’s reputation on the internet by managing online resources. You also want your advertisements to relate to what IP you’re advertising. If customers click on an ad for a new blanket and they’re sent to unrelated content, you’re practicing malicious advertising.

Should I trademark my business logo?

Consumers’ online reviews, social media posts, testimonials, blog posts and video content are known as user-generated content . Leverage your online presence by using your social media accounts to post behind-the-scenes glimpses of your team in action and feel-good photos of happy customers. Consider hosting a Facebook Live Q&A to answer customer questions and introduce team members. If you don’t protect your reputation and brand image, your credibility, business growth, and ability to attract capital will suffer. We’ll explore ways to protect and strengthen your company’s reputation so it stands out from the competition. Brand management might involve analyzing reviews and online mentions. It could also mean measuring brand sentiment to create and maintain a positive brand image.

The implementation of track and trace solutions to capture events as goods move through the legitimate supply chain helps to monitor and detect illicit activities. The control of ordered quantities of products or components from third party suppliers can be made by providing them with secure serialised labels which must be affixed to each item. The higher a piece of clothing’s UPF number, the more protection it provides. If a shirt has a UPF of 50, only 1/50 of the sun’s rays can perforate through it, so it’s 98% efficient in blocking UVA and UVB rays. The founders of Free Fly worked as fishing guides in Montana and found a gap in the market with a need for simple, comfortable performance apparel. Tanner Sutton convinced his sister, Jenna, and brother-in-law, Austin, to leave their jobs and move to Charleston to further Free Fly as a family business. As if the soft-to-the-touch component wasn’t enough, each article of clothing has ultraviolet protection factor for sun protection.