Apple iPhone 4S Latest 2012 Review

For an ultimate guide to all things Apple iPhone 4S related, we look inside to see what’s packed in with your new iPhone in our iPhone 4S unboxing, get a video rundown of the best iOS 5 features and 10 Things to do first with your Apple iPhone 4S. But that’s not all, we have also pulled together an Apple iPhone 4S vs Apple iPhone 4 video plus we see how the new Apple smartphone shapes against T3’s Phone of the Year as we pit two giants against each other in our Apple iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2 feature.

1. Processing On the outside, it looks, feels and smells like an iPhone 4. That’s because it is. On the inside, however, is where the S magic really happens. The faster A5 processor makes operating the device noticeably quicker when launching and re-launching apps and when using power-draining applications such as iMovie.

2. Design

The plain fact that it looks like an iPhone 4 will be a hammer blow to those who have waited patiently for a freshly designed, potentially cooler-loooking iPhone 5. This tweet from @crossan_phil sums it up: “glad the 5 didn’t come out. Gives me more time to use my 24mth contract with the 4!!”

3. Gaming

The improved graphics are amazing. While the version we used didn’t have Infinity Blade 2 installed, we tried Real Racing 2 which, to us, looked smoother than our iPhone 4 version. The keynote demo of Infinity Blade 2 was mind-blowing considering it was running on a bloomin’ phone. It wowed the room. A room full of cynical hacks. PSP Vita, eat your heart out .

4. 8-megapixel camera

The 8-megapixel camera shoots iPhone 7 plus price in Nigeria great photos (and macro shots). Although we were inside the Covent Garden Apple store with strip lighting a reflections-a- go-go, the resulting shots were nice and sharp, employing some of that new camera tech built into the iPhone 4S. However, the real star of the vision upgrade is…

5. 1080p video camera

The difference in quality is instantly noticeable. We were very impressed. Will it nail the coffin shut on the dwindling camcorder industry? It’s a great upgrade regardless of whether you really need it. Well, cinema pirates might.

6. iOS 5

You all know what it’s like, the 200+ features it brings plus the iCloud. However, getting hands on with Notifications, Newsstand, iMessage and Reminders demonstrated to us just how much of a step. up from iOS 4 it is.