5 Types and Types of Exercises in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is an integral part in the rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal conditions. There are many exercises that target different parts and can often be used in conjunction with medication or surgery physiotherapie Luxembourg.

Range of motion exercises

One of the most important physiotherapy exercises for patients is the rangeof motion exercise. Patients suffering from joint problems, including the elbow joint, shoulder joint, and knee joint will benefit from this range of motion exercise. The injury can make joints stiff, inflamed, or swollen. In this way, your ability achieve the maximum range of motion can be limited. Imagine that you can’t straighten your arm or bend your elbow. It’s likely to cause severe discomfort. The range of motion can be used to loosen and improve joint flexibility.

Strengthening exercises

Prior to and after any surgery, strengthening exercises are available. Strong muscles are important before surgery. Patients often have to rest for a while, which can cause muscle atrophy. Strong muscles prior can help reduce weakness and support the injuries. To support the body’s recovery, the muscles need to be strengthened.

Soft tissue mobilisation

Soft tissue mobilization relieves tension and tight muscles. It involves the use of therapeutic tapes and static stretching to loosen stiffness, as well as massage to the affected areas.

General conditioning

General conditioning, as its name implies, is designed to train the body using various cardio exercises such as walking or swimming. It helps improve joint flexibility as well as overall health.

Exercises for balancing

Injury can affect the body’s natural ability balance. It is possible to do exercises that will help to restore it. It may be necessary at first to use a parallel pole to help maintain your balance. However you will soon forget that it exists.

Physiotherapy works to bring your body back to its original condition and help you live a more fulfilling life.